Introducing Blue Innuendo


A Quiz Question -- "Blue Innuendo" is:

A) an album

B) a band

C) a song

D) a feeling

E) All of the above  (CORRECT ANSWER)

Blue Innuendo is a new album named after a band named after a song named after a feeling.


I had written several original songs I thought would sound great with a group of sax, guitar, organ and drums. I wrote a few more specifically for this group and added a song by friend Devin Lowe, and then it was time to rehearse and record!  I've was fortunate to get some great musicians to play the music...


I'm excited to present the Blue Innuendo band, with

  • Tom Guarna on Guitar
  • Pat Bianchi on Hammond organ
  • Matt Wilson on drums

(I play tenor and soprano saxophones on the project).  I've always been a fan of the sax-guitar-organ-drums format, and of jazz organ groups in general. As a group we bring this sound into the present while also paying homage to its classic past... 


Blue Innuendo is also the title of an original song I've dedicated to jazz organ master Joey D'Francesco. Joey has captured the history and sound of the organ in his playing and plays so beautifully. Once I heard Joey at the Blue Note in New York, and the music felt so good, I could feel it in my body the next day!  Blue Innuendo the song features the organ and pays tribute to this type of feeling possible in a jazz organ group...


When I think of the feeling of Blue Innuendo -- the blues inflection that comes with adding the organ to a jazz group -- I remember recordings that are not blues songs, but are played with a blues inflection by master musicians. The Hammond B3 had a way of bringing the blues wail -- at least a hint of it -- to any song, even if that song is a ballad or a bossa. I'll blog some more about that soon... 

In the meantime, enjoy Blue Innuendo!  You'll find links to purchase the album on the homepage.


Thank you to all the people who helped make this project possible, including: Pat, Tom, Matt and Devin, the folks at Systems Two Recording Studios, Scott Anderson, Ross Nyberg, Dr. James Noyes, Cheryl Hooper, Devin Lowe, Michiko Studios, Eric Halvorson, Phil Stewart, Tim Lancaster, Scott Thornton, Bill Singer, Doug Bambrick, Bob Anderson and Ilana Judah!